Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just what the doctor ordered

My cardiologist called yesterday (well my former cardiologist).... I no longer need to be on warfarin. I no longer need to see a cardiologist!!

Let's have a collective "YEAH!!!!!"

The last few months have been trying and kind of hard at our house for a number of reasons. One of them being my health. In May, I spent most of a week at UW Hospital because I had massive blood clots in my lungs and my heart was enlarged due to them. I saw the cardiologist last week and my heart was back to normal and he contacted the "lung guy" and whala. Here I am smiling.....

Now to get through the revisions on that &^j%$ paper.

Have a great day everyone.

ps Contact me if you are in the need for the name of an A-1 cardiologist in the Madison area - I have a great one!


Stephanie said...

Kari - that is the BEST news. Thank you for sharing your happy news on this rainy morning.

(not that the rain is making me gloomy...OH NO...lovin' it! :) But so happy to hear about you.)

peaknits said...

So glad to read something so wonderful!! Madison has so many great doctors to offer - I am glad your was top notch!

d said...

GREAT news! :)