Sunday, June 7, 2009


Pin Wheel Blanket
I'm not quite sure how big this will get. I made some "modifications" to the pattern (not on purpose) and I'm liking it. I'm using yarn from my stash. It was supposed to be a sweater, but I wasn't so sure about the horizontal stripe. This is the only knitting that my brain can handle right now.

In my humble opinion, it was WAY to cold to go swimming today, but I'm not 6 1/2! He didn't stay in very long (even after he put a shirt on).

Secret agent man... Those glasses give him special powers - they tell him directions of "really tough stuff to do".


Zoƫ said...

I am cold just thinking about being in the pool brrrrr. I love the special glasses.... can I borrow them sometime???

The blanket is getting big and beuatiful.

Stephanie said...

Kari, I want that blanket!! It's gorgeous!

when are you done with school? can't wait to hang out!