Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sometimes change is good, sometimes.....

A good change:

Yesterday I got to go on a field-trip. It was wonderful. We went to UW and got a tour from some people at the Oceanography, Meteorology, and something else. WOW! They had a really cool 3-D globe that shows weather patterns - interesting, but very hard to interpret because the presenter wasn't able to adapt to her 2nd grade audience. We saw a really cool piece of ice. It was 100 years old! Can you beleive it? The researcher said that they could tell the temperature of certain days over 100 years ago by measuring the temperature in the frozen air bubbles.

Then we went up to the rooftop and looked out over the city of Madison. This is where I was going to insert some cool pics that I took of the Capitol, Camp Randall, and a construction site. BUT I can't get them to upload because of a change in my laptops configuration. I'm a bit worried that I have all of my pictures on the computer and the only guy who will be able to get them off is the tech guy at work...Change.....enough said.

Finally, we went to a physics presentation at Chamberlain Hall. FABULOUS! I probably could have learned something in high school physics if Mr. K. used these techniques (and looked like the presenter). If you have a chance to take in one of the physics presentations for "regular" people at the UW, do it, it's worth it!

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Stephanie said...

That sounds so fun, Kari! I wanna do that!