Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This is what I came home to yesterday. The dog got into the garbage. This is only what was spread across the kitchen. It doesn't include the living room. So I dropped the backpacks and went back outside until I could deal with it! (Tell me again why we have a dog?)

It was beautiful outside. The snow on the side of the drive was soft enough to dig a big hole.
It was also warm enough to get out the bikes and take them for the first spin of the year.

The boys found their wheelbarrow and dug it out.

My "valentine" cactus (because I don't know if it blooms at Christmas OR Easter) has one blossom on it. It seems to like it by the back door.

The king's now spot. The new couch covers are corduroy and Eddie loves to lay under the light on the back.

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