Thursday, February 19, 2009


I've been in a funk for the past couple of days.

I guess it started after Simon decided to do a runner at Kohl's on Saturday. To make a short story even shorter. We got him back in one piece - safe and sound. I can now think about it without tearing up, but am stuck in the "what if's". We are going on a trip soon and don't trust the little bugger. I'm half tempted to get one of those dreaded kid leashes (really I'm not - I cringe every time I see a kid on one, but everyone has to make their own decisions).

That leads to the trip. I'm really looking forward to going away even if it is only for a short time. How am I going to keep two kids under 6 and one adult on anxiety meds. together in one place during the layovers?

The boys are really excited. We've got the luggage out and everyday they ask me if it is Sunday - because that is the day we are packing. They have requested certain clothes be ready - that means clean by then.

Remember that list I made a while back? Well, I think the only thing I got done was the Valentine's. My advisor did her job and advised me to think twice or maybe three times about trying to get my paper completely finished by the end of February. I agree with her. I was driving myself insane trying to complete it. I feel better BUT my procrastining genes are kicking in.

HEY taskmasters (you know who you are), I need some gentle but firm pushes to get moving on this thing again.

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Stephanie said...

oh my gosh, Kari. :(

xoxo see you tomorrow...