Tuesday, May 15, 2012

some days are better than others - today was not one of those days

This morning was another morning when the boys just wouldn't go. If I could be late for work - today would have been one of those days. They just screwed around. AND I needed to get gas in my car.

Then I had a major anxiety attack about Kal's job search. He's applying all over the place, but hasn't heard back from ANY of them. My work contract comes in a couple of weeks and I talked to the business manager today to "inform them of my situation". Which is???

Ian is having friend issues - same old thing. It makes me sad. He thinks that he needs to brag to a friend (not in my opinion) in order to keep him as a friend. What a friend!!

While I was boiling water for supper, I melted the above pan to the burner. That's what I get for walking away to help. I turned on the wrong burner. I have to admit it was pretty cool. I think I got it all off the burner. Now I have to see if the burner still works.

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