Thursday, January 15, 2009

What do you do?

So, what do you do when it's colder than_______ (you can fill in the blank with your favorite saying).

Today we did all kinds of fun stuff. First we had pancakes and bacon. Then we watched a Scooby Doo movie. It was one I have never seen before, same basic plot with new technology added.

Then we moved downstairs and I cleared off the top of the white shelves, putting "stuff" away, and sorting fabric into the drawers by color. I still have a closet and two more flat surfaces to clear and put away, but I think I may have to start a project or finish a project before that gets done. Anyone for some creating?

After a scrumptious lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup, it was quiet time. I even got under the covers and continued reading The Thirteenth Tale. After about an hour, I realized that it sure was quiet in a weird sort of way. There was some quiet chatter and whirring going on. I pulled myself away from the book and this is what I found.

They moved their ramps to the living room, so that I could make these.

I wish I had smell-o-vision. Chocolate chip with dried cherries. Delicious- according to Ian.

And what are those two up to right now, you might ask? They are cleaning the bathroom with the Clorox wipes they found in the closet. If you are wondering, they are doing a thorough job. There most likely won't be any wipes left in the container when they are finished. And the bathroom will be "shiny and bacteria free".

Take care and stay warm everyone.


DelorumRex said...
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Stephanie said...

Your craft room looks awesome! That's so cool that you have that space back.

And, your cookies sound delicious. We are all kind of sick of ours (oatmeal & chocolate chip) so I could come and help you with yours. ;)

d said...

i love the lighting on the cookies. it has that total - afternoon shadow thing going for it. looks very peaceful and warm and homey....