Wednesday, November 5, 2008

6 Random Things...

A while back I was tagged by Stephanie to comment on 6 random "things" about myself. Well, here goes:
  • I am terrified of chickens. I have always been - especially when they fly up and fluff their feathers and put their legs out like they are going to attack you. They make this horrible racket and feathers fly every where...I only pretend to be brave around them now when I am with the boys because this is really irrational.
  • I hiked most of the Chilcoot Trail in 1998 with a friend. It was one of the routes used during the Alaskan gold rush starting in Skagway, AK to the gold of the Klondike. We got as far as the 10,000 stairs area (not literally anymore - stairs were cut in the snow during the winter to aid the prospectors in getting up and over the pass) and my friend couldn't go any further. I haven't been on any major hikes since then.
  • I learned to knit six years ago. I learned to crochet in 4-H eons ago - I wasn't a very good crocheter BUT think I am a fairly good knitter though.
  • There was a time when I wanted to quit teaching to become a trained chef/baker. I wanted to go to the American Culinary Institute in New York. I didn't do it though. I guess I like teaching work hours better.
  • I am a morning person - love it.
  • I am a semi-earth mother. I do take remedies and try to eat naturally. I try to buy healthy and local BUT it is hard. Don't get me wrong, we eat our fair share of McDonalds, boxed food and we do see a traditional doctor. I wish it was easier (read less expensive) to buy healthy food and use holistic medicine.
Well, there it is. I think it is pretty random, don't you think. If you want to play along go ahead.

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Zoƫ said...

You are a great knitter!!!